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Sense Mindfulness

Are you listening to music? Smelling the aroma of what you are cooking? Scratching your itch?

Watching a beautiful cloud float by? Putting on your soft velvet jacket? Because if you are, you are in the right frame of mind to be Making Love to Your Moments…..Loving Your Self and Your Life, which is the name of my new book.

You don’t want your life to pass you by without the advantage of slowing down and absorbing every minute detail of your daily activities. Making Love to Your Moments is the way you express yourself as you are living your everyday life. To get the most from your day…you must be in the process of Making Love every minute. Not to a person, but to your moments. This way you are caressing, hugging, touching, caring for yourself and what you are doing. Bringing a loving attitude widens your approach to breathing, expands your chest and your levels of oxygen throughout your body and mind.

Looking into the eyes and soul of your Moments and finding the time and effort to caress it, is what I am talking about here. As I am writing this…….I stop to let my fingers linger on the cool keys of my computer and I take a deep breath. I feel the impact of the coolness in my body: in my hands and arms, and feel the sensation of coolness and softness, by the way, drift further into me……… I realize in my mind that the cool and soft feelings are relaxing.

Next, I feel it in my stomach, as the cool sensations mix with what was there first: tension and anxiety. I have now used my own Senses to slow me, my breath, my heart-rate. I realize this is what I call Sense Mindfulness and it can very much change the quality of your experience.

We all know the popular adages about Time…….”Don’t waste time”, “Time is money”, “There is never enough time”, “Times is of the essence”, “All in good time,” All good things come to those who wait”. But have you ever heard the adage……..”Love Your Time?”

Perhaps it would be better if instead of trying to Understand this life, we made love to it by learning to look through life’s smallest lense, the Moment, to find our vitality, joy and gratefulness no matter what our circumstances.

Making Love to Your Moments is a new way of bringing sensuality back to our life through touching, feeling, tasting, emoting, and having an increased ability to observe through sight and sound. Every Moment is an opportunity for Nuance: growth, goodness, value, creativity and Love.

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